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Gena Lubensky - watchmaker

NAWCC 069182

Gennady (Gena) Lubensky, Watchmaker
P.O. Box 16356
Hooksett, NH 03106-6356
(call or email for street address)
Phone: (603) 622-2361
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What they say:

I received the watch today. It is a real beauty. In fact, it looks brand new. You rated it 8 on your scale. I can't imagine what a 10 is!

T. Funicello

You are truly a master watchmaker. Rolex could not repair my Submariner successfully. Local dealers could not either. But you did. Keep up the excellent work.

J. Zoda

I want to thank you for the fine job you did restoring my "unrepairable" Movado. It runs fine and looks better than new.

J. Stayton

This Le Coultre Futurematic is one of my favorite watches and your ability to repair it so quickly and expertly exceeded my expectations.

K. Wanamaker

I want to tell you that your grading system is very good. The Breitling Avia Star I bought from you is definitely a 10, although you graded it lower. I look forward to doing more business with you.

G. Pekarik

I just wanted to tell you I love the Rolex Datejust you sent me. It is in excellent condition and looks great. It has been a pleasure doing business with you.

R. Straub

This note is just to let you know that I received my Doxa and it looks great. It's hard to believe it's the same watch I sent you. Thanks for the great job in repairing it.

A. Stone

1) I have received the refurbished watch and want you to know of my great satisfaction with your service. I am delighted with the finished product and I think your charge is most reasonable.

2) Service like yours is hard to find today and, believe me, when I do find it, I really appreciate it. Thanks again.

3) I want to thank you again for ... the repair and restoration of my vintage 1920's Longine watch. Rebuilding the movement had to have been a real challenge and I'm delighted with the results.

D. Pischel

The beautifully restored Lord Elgin arrived today, and I am delighted with what you have done. It looks and runs like brand new! Thank you very much for your wonderful work on a watch that means a great deal to me.

E. Birdsal

I am very impressed with your repairs to both watches. I will recommend your services to anyone who asks me.

T. Collins

... the condition of this watch is better than I had expected. It was a pleasure and a privilege to do business with you.

G. Finn

My family has been trying to have my great-grandfather's pocket watch repaired for over 30 years without success. You did an excellent job. Your repair job was worth every penny.

R. Lauzon

The watch arrived today. I think it turned out very nice. Feel free to use me as a reference any time.

M. Dippel

I have my clean and running old Rolex on my wrist and I thank you for all your efforts.

J. Cramer

I just wanted to thank you for your excellent advice regarding my Omega Seamaster. ... you provided me with straight and honest information ... In the future I will certainly go to you first for any watch related business.

R. Nelson

I wish to thank you for the marvelous restorations you performed on my antique silver pocket watch.. ... You have really performed a miracle and I shall enjoy displaying the watch for many years!

W. Dotseth

Thank you for your service. I knew I pick the right person .. I will highly recommend you.

C. Nosal

I received my watch on Thursday and it looks great and is working perfectly, I really appreciate your help by repairing my watch ...

N. Holt

The Rolex Submariner that I ordered ... is gorgeous and in perfect condition. Thank you ...

B. Burke

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! My old watch is like new, ... I am really grateful for your skill and responsiveness.

S. K.

Watch delivered this PM. Thanks and you will go in my email favorite for use by others should I find someone in need of a professional.

E. Horner

Thanks for the great repair Job. My Speedmaster Prof. and Flightmaster are both working well, and running on time.

B. Goodarzi

The Russian Pocket Watch keeps perfect time and the Orloff Chronograph is superb! To think, all I heard was "they can't be repaired" from other watchmakers. You are truly a professional craftsman.

D. Israel

Thank you for your highly skilled repair of both bubblebacks. ... You came through and successfully repaired the "unrepairable" as deemed by the official Rolex Repair Center in Dallas, Texas. There is no doubt, you are the best ...

J. Schaefer

This letter from Luxemburg: I received the watches on Friday. The Lord Elgin looks and runs great. Thanks for your work.

K. Nichols

I can't thank you enough for your help. I had exhausted all my resources here and didn't know what I was going to do with an old watch without a crystal.

C. Connelly

Thank you. You are a fine business friend and a pleasure as always.

T. Tessler

Thank you for the wonderful restorations that you completed on my New England and Trenton pocket watches. It is nice to get them back into my collection case.

W. Goss

You are a truly an artist. Gena, you did a marvelous job at repairing my grandfathers Hamilton pocket watch that had not run in over 40 years.

J. C.

Thank you for your great service. It is a pleasure doing business with you. We will refer you to others.

A. Breton

I have now had my Omega Flightmaster on my wrist for several weeks and I want to thank you for your excellent work. This watch was well used, as you could tell, for 30 years...Omega no longer services these watches and without the kind of expertise that you brought to this job, the watch's life would have been over. Thank you again.

G. Sanders

Thank you for repairing my rolex watch. I have been wearing it without having to wind it. Thank you again for sending me the watch box.

D. Piccolomini

I received the Movado today. Thanks for shipping it back so quickly. It looks great and seems to be running beautifully--winds and sets VERY smoothly (much better), and pushers seem okay. Nice job!

L. Maheu

I truely love the work you did on my watch, it is a beautiful watch. You are a gifted artist at your trade. I would not hesitate to have you do work on any watch of any make or kind.

J. Gibson

This one is from Japan:
Thank you very much for the watch. I am very happy with your repair work.

K. Unoki

My watch looks beautiful and appears to be keeping time down to the second. Thanks for an excellent job.

A. LeDoux

You did it! Everything works and looks great. I sent you a beat up watch and you restored my Omega Flightmaster back to its original state. You are a master craftsman! I will recommend you to any and all who seek quality workmanship.

B. Felkey

THANK YOU SO MUCH. I was thrilled to see my (Pulsar & Geneve) watches repaired. They work great. I had little faith that they would be repairable. I saw your website and just clicked on it, I'm forever glad I did.

T. Kandrach

You recently completed the repair of my grandfather's South Bend pocket watch. When I opened the box I was greeted by the superior quality of your restoration. ...  It was very hard to decide who to trust to repair this 100 year old watch. After a lot of research I decided to send it to you. There is no doubt I made the right decision. You are a rare craftsman.

M. Spohn

Congratulations on your successful and skillful repair and refurbishment of my old English pocket watch. ... It is, once again and thanks to your workmanship, functioning perfectly and keeping good time.

P. Nicholson

We wanted to thank you for the excellent repairs and cleaning done on our old pocket watches. They run like new!

P. Bemis

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your responsive efforts to repair and return my watch in time for my departure.

T. Vrountas

I am very pleased with your service and appreciate how quickly you were able to complete the repair [of my Omega Chrono].

J. Vizzini

Received my watch this morning in good order. A million thanks for your prompt, professional assistance. I will call on your services again when needed.

T. Trovato

Gennady, my Tissot is amazing! Thank you very much. I'm really enjoying it.

R. Morrison

I've just received back the Omega watch I sent you for repair and restoration.... I must say, in all the years I have been using services similar to yours, I have NEVER received a watch back in such extraordinary and perfect condition. You have truly made my day and exceeded my expectations.

E. Wexler

My Rolex watch arrived today... Thank you for your excellent service.

C. Martin

Thank you for your recent work on my Waltham pocket watch. ... it is keeping absolutely perfect time. I know that this was not an easy project and I genuinely appreciate your effort and expertise.

A. Perlman

I have received the Tiffany watch. It is excellent. Thank you very very much for everything.


I've been wearing my Rolex for 3 days since I got it back from you after you adjusted it. It has run perfectly, right on time, which is amazing for a mechanical watch. Thanks very much for adjusting it so perfectly!


Gennady, I don't think I ever thanked you properly for the great job you did on my two watches. I'd like to send you another for cleaning.

A. Anthoine

I received my Rolex Oyster and Hamilton Pocketwatch yesterday...they are beautiful and seem to be right back on time. Thank you so much, for your expertise and timely turnaround.

M. Gentry

I received my Lord Elgin watch last week and I never imagined that it could possibly look so good. You did a beautiful job in the restoration.

J. Lovasz

I just wanted to thank you so much for fixing my beloved vintage Seiko,... It is now working perfectly - after all the watchmakers here in L.A. told me (a) it couldn't be fixed; or (b) it wasn't worth it to fix it; or (c) they didn't want to fix it. Thank goodness for the miracle of the Internet!

D. Sherman

I received the [Omega] watch today. Of course it runs, but I can only imagine the amount of work that you accomplished that I can't see. I can, however, appreciate the beautifully finished product!

B. Moseley

[...] the Omega arrived today, just as you advised. [...] and arriving in Ireland [...], that is what I call service. Let me say that the watch itself is even better "in the flesh" than it is on your website. It is truely in fantastic condition. It looks as if it has just emerged from the Omega atelier. Secondly allow me to take this opportunity to state that I have been most impressed with the manner in which you deal with my transaction. Professionalism is clearly your hallmark.

R. Delahunt

I just got the Hamilton wristwatch back as you promised. I can't wait to see the look on my dad's face when he opens it on his upcoming birthday. ... when I broke the crystal it was put in a box in my workshop and stayed there 30 years. I still can't for the life of me figure out how you took a watch with no crystal, a filthy face and half the numbers missing and made it look like new. And it now keeps perfect time.

J. O'brien

... we received the Omega watch you restored and are very pleased with your work. You did a fine job, and we appreciate having the watch in such good shape.

L. Rambo

Received my Hamilton ... it looks great!!! Beyond my expectations!!

J. Rosa

Just noticed an old email from when you repaired a watch for us almost a year ago. Thought I'd let you know that the watch is running perfectly and ... even looks better than when when it was new. Thank you again. You are quite the craftsman.

S. Smith

..., the work you did on my 30 year old Gold and Steel Men's Rolex was excellent. It has never worked as well or as accurately as it does now.

J. Morgan

Thank you very much for the great service and repair on the Rolex. Seems to be running fine. Looks as good as new.

A. Jordan

I want to thank you for repairing my Doxa. ... You are a miracle worker as no one took the time to look at it or if they did, repair it.

J. Inzelbuch

I received my steel Rolex this AM. Thank you for putting it in order. I have told my friends about your excellent service which I hope will result in business for you.

R. Simmons

Just a few lines of thanks for your impressive service. I consider it a privilege to have dealt with you; who provided me with prompt, courteous and expert renovation of my father's 1940s-vintage gold Vacheron & Constantin wristwatch.

R. Muresan

I would like to thank you for the excellent repairs you made to my Hamilton 950b pocket watch. The watch has kept perfect time since I received it back from you, and it looks excellent.

F. Osborne

I just received my dad's repaired Wittnauer flight watch (... circa. 1929, 1930) that you have done a fantastic job on ... my dad, years ago, and I, recently had visited many watch repair shops with every one saying they could not repair it and doubted anyone could ever do anything with it ... it looks practically new with all the silver finish restored and most of all the inner workings fixed ... you've made this heirloom gift possible. Thank you for your wonderful work.

D. Butterworth

Every day I look at my Longine Weems chronograph and thank you for restoring it to my life. Fact is, it keeps better time than when I got it from my parents 60 years ago! Better still, my best friend thanks me every day for surprising him by having you restore both the appearance and function of his Swiss Hamilton that had been a gift from his parents 50 years ago. He cannot believe how you rolled the years back.

J. Claster

Just a note of thanks for miraculously restoring my grandfather's Hamilton pocket watch. I was deeply saddened when I discovered the watch after my mother's death in such poor condition. I never imagined that it could be repaired/rebuilt, so I put it away. My family secretly sent it to you for repair and it is once again the watch my grandfather was so proud of.

W. Mansfield

Gena, my steel Rolex is continuing to run perfectly! Thank you for your craftmanship ... awesome!!!

R. Simmons

The little platinum [Audemars Piguet] watch came today. Thank you so much for making it run again! My granddaughter will treasure this, not [just] for it's value, but because her grandfather wanted her to have it.

M. Huguelet

I just wanted to thank you for your work on my watch. Absolutely top notch work! I'm very pleased. I'll be sending you my Omega Seamaster later this week.

J. Kownacki

I got my Elgin pocket watch from you a few days ago and I wanted to thank you for the great job you did. The watch runs well and looks better than it did when I sent it to you.

J. Boutell

I just wanted you to know that my Movado arrived today, and it looks fantastic! The [catalog] picture did not do it justice. It has been a pleasure doing business with you.

G. Treffeisen

Thank you so much for repairing my Longines watch. The watch works and looks brand new. I 'll be sending you another vintage wrist watch to restore for me.

J. Damiano

Thank you for the wonderful adjustment you made to my watch; it keeps perfect time. Another job well done.

B. Thelen

Re: Tiffany Moonphase: I just wanted to let you know that the watch is running great and I have received many compliments on it. Thanks for your honesty and your expertise.

E. Holtzman

Nice note from Ireland: Watch arrived safe and sound today. I am delighted with what you have done. We will be in touch . . . Thank you so much for all your help.

M. Cornwall

Note from the UK: Just to let you know that my watch arrived back here safely yesterday. I have never seen it look so good. Thank you for doing such a great job.

R. Tucker

Just received the watch [Paul Buhre]. Very nice and am happy. Thanks.

B. Doos

I received the watch [Minute Repeater] yesterday and am very pleased with your work. ... I hope we can do business again sometime.

J. Grisez

Hello, I received the watch today, Very, Very Pleased ~ WELL DONE. It was the only one of its kind that I came across and you know its condition as it was before you made it right ~ for which I can never thank you enough.

B. Calderley, England

... the watch has arrived home ok and looks wonderful. ... thanks for the great work. I will certainly recommend your services to my friends. It was also good to find out a little about the watch history ... it looks like a 1904/5 model Longines.

M. May

I am very pleased with your work, my Tudor, Omega & G.P. have never worked better. ... Gena your turnaround time is remarkable - all the other quotes I got were weeks or even months, but I got my watches back in a week and a quality job to boot!

J. S.

I wanted to thank you for the incredible job you did restoring my father's Omega ... The watch looks brand new - it's amazing considering the condition it was in after 60 years of abuse and that countless watch "experts" in NYC said it couldn't be repaired.

B. Coen

I received my Grand Fathers 1883 gold Waltham pocket watch that you brought back to life. It is beautiful. Thank you for locating the parts to replace the broken and missing works. You are truly a Master at your craft.

C. Rawlins

I travel to Estonia and have collected antique pocket watches dating back to the late 1790s to the 1850s. Two professionals could not repair them stating they were impossible to work on. ... I finally found Gena and he not only repaired them but they now keep time ... His charge was more than reasonable... he is the finest in the USA.

G. Scott

My watch arrived and it works better than when it was brand new! I am never going to take it off my arm... How were you able to find the stem and parts for such a silly (which I love) old watch? Thank you...thank you...thank you!

J. Saperstein

Thanks so much for the beautiful job you did on my uncle's watch. You're really an expert.

R. Bechman

The Longines arrived today, Thank You so very much. Here in PA and NJ they said it could not be repaired, however you have made it run again. Please feel free to use this email as yet another testimonial to your incomparable skills.

R. Mastro

I received the watch in the mail today and it is perfect and runs great. You fixed a watch that according to it's serial number is over 150 years old and probably hadn't run in 50 years or more. A few watchmakers told me they could not fix it but you did and I thank you very much for doing so.

A. Wallace

I had 2 of my vintage watches repaired by Gena, rec'vd them a couple of days go, they are working now! I thought they both weren't repairable but Gena did a FANTASTIC job! Gena, you are a master in your profession. Keep up the great work you do.


Had watch repair crystal repaired by this fine craftsman Gena, great job! you are truly skilled in your profession. I will ALWAYS send it back for maintainance! Thank you so much!



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